Monday, February 23, 2015 – 22:47

This information will (hopefully) help you make an informed decision about whether or not your business needs a VPS compared to a shared hosting account.

Who Might Need a VPS

  • Small business owners who don’t want to share web server resources with other business owners.
  • Website operators who need to customize the settings on a server to meet their specific website/application needs.
  • Website operators who require more email and file storage space.

    Shared users receive a piece of the available space (quotas), but VPS users can use as much space as their VPS has allocated.

  • Small business owners who have simply outgrown the limits of a shared hosting plan.

VPS Technical Benefits

  • Virtual private servers are isolated, virtualized operating systems contained within a larger physical server
  • Virtual private servers offer all the benefits of a dedicated server, but with the ability to pay for only what you need
  • Your website files, database, and server resources (such as memory and CPU) are isolated
  • Your server does not need to share resources with other users on the same system
  • VPSs can accommodate special requirements/modifications that aren’t possible in a shared system
  • Classic magnetic hard drives (HDDs) vs. solid state drives (SSDs):

    HDDs store data on “platters” and use a “spindle” to rotate the platters to access data. While HDDs are cheap and good for storing large amounts of data, the time it takes to lookup data pales in comparison to solid-state drives (SSDs). Solid-state drives (SSDs) store data on flash storage (like a large USB stick drive), and they don’t have any moving parts. When you need to lookup data, the SSD can lookup information instantly without having to move any mechanical spindle heads (like HDDs).

Sunday, February 22, 2015 – 16:13

We recently introduced a brand new selection of services: Business Add-Ons

These services are useful value-add services to help your hosted website or business “scale up” in more ways than one.

  • Safe & Secure

    Every website that uses open source content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, is prone to automated bots that seek out outdated versions and plugins. The best defense is to keep everything up-to-date on a regular basis, and to perform regular security scans and vulnerability audits. For a flat rate per month, we’ll take charge of this for you, and make sure you aren’t out of date again.

  • Alerts & Monitoring

    Automatically receive alerts when there are issues loading a page, when a database fails to work properly, or if there is a connection issue. We’ll also perform automated testing on forms if you’re interested in making sure your sign-up, login, or checkout forms are always in working order. We’ll support up to 5 separate monitored pages or forms.

  • Social Marketing

    Build traffic for your business, brand, or website by engaging Facebook users with the latest social targeting methods. We’ll build you a Facebook page, help you get the ball rolling, and then actively campaign to highly-targeted demographics that match the type of customers and leads you need. Social marketing is a powerful online word-of-mouth utility that will help build better relationships with existing customers and find new ones.

  • SEO

    Optimize your website to help search engines prioritize the terms and phrases that best represent your business. We’ll provide an initial audit of your website, provide a report on your best performing terms and phrases, and then prepare a long-term plan. Each month we’ll work on improving your link building and affiliation strategy, and also prepare reports with useful information on a variety of metrics.